Full Cast Audiobooks

We produce your exceptional full-cast audiobook from script to final mixdown with full project management and marketing support.

We support more traditional audiobooks too, and have produced everything from Shakespeare to Barack Obama.

We've Produced Over 100 Audiobooks, Here Are Some Of Them...

What We Offer

Full cast audio productions is an audiobook production service that uses multiple cast members, sound effects and theatrical audio to create immersive audiobooks and other audio productions for clients globally.

We believe that audio is a powerful platform for sharing ideas and information and that single narration is often too limiting a format to do an audiobook justice. Our production services can bring life to many other projects from podcasts to corporate materials. We can also provide soundtracks to videos and other visual media, though we do not do any videography in house.

Our engagements operate on milestone based contracts with multiple rounds of edits to ensure satisfied clients. We phase milestones to ensure that our interests are aligned as we create a world-class production for you.

We have produced a range of productions including the popular Shakespeare for kids series and the collected Presidential speeches of Barack Obama. We can create engaging sound effects, find just the right bed to bring mood to a scene or chapter and have voice actors that can bring any script to life from educational books for kids to the words of an American President.

We are happy to quote on any project, offering a 3-day turnaround on most quotes, and can produce audio content within 3 months on an expedited basis depending on the script involved, though most projects run closer to 6 months end-to-end. We can support casts of up to 20 for most projects, with our most versatile voice-actors often able to cover a range of smaller parts with different voices to expand the cast as required.

We have been producing audiobooks since 2016 and are based in Seattle, Washington with a distributed global team of talented professionals.

Our Processes

Three Keys To A Successful Audiobook Production

1. A successful audiobook production starts with marketing planning to understand the target audience for the audiobook. This enables appropriate selection of cast, vocal styles and supporting beds and sound effects as needed.

2. Next it is important to think of an audiobook not as simply a reading of a book, but as an audio experience. This may differ from the book in offering engaging voice acting to bring life to certain parts of the script. Sound effects and bedding can be enormously powerful in creating a soundscape that reflects the mood of the script and draws the listener in.

3. Finally, cover design, descriptive text and effective introductory samples can be critical in reflecting the spirit of the book to help attract the right listeners to the title. These should be created with reference for the target audience for the title.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you market my audiobook to customers?
Not directly. We excel at turning your written pages into an immersive audio experience for listeners. However, this is a common request and we can help get you connected. We can walk you through the process of distributing your book internationally where you would receive royalties on sales. We can also assist with printing of CDs for physical copies as desired.
So, no we do not market and sell your audiobook, but we can help you do that with proven third-party services.
How long does a production typically take?
It really depends on your script length and production needs as well as our resource availability. A few months from start to finish is a broad estimate, and we can sometimes expedite timelines, but please complete a quote request and we’ll include a timeline estimate.
Full cast audio production can be expensive, do you have lower cost options?
Yes, we can produce audiobooks in a more traditional style and we also have service levels that still result in a theatrical production but are less expensive. We can include these options in your quote or review in follow-up discussion. We are happy to help you find the service level that's the right fit with your expectations and budget.
What if my production is not an audiobook?
We can often support other productions such as podcasts or other commercial audio projects. Please get in touch via the quote form.
What if my book isn’t finished yet?
If you know the approximate word length and structure we are still happy to quote.
Can I help chose the narrator and cast?
Yes, that’s part of our typical process, we want to make sure that the voices we use reflect your intent at the author or project sponsor.
Do you also offer custom sound effects and music?
Yes, that is part of our typical production process.

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